I had a requirement to get a list of all available cities and fares from British Airways’ “Low Price Finder” page.

This page is handy because it shows the various places where British Airway flies broken down into tabs. Very useful when you want to plan a cheap city break in Europe (by going to the Europe, UK & Ireland tab) displayed in a calendar. You can also specify duration and see which day is cheapest to depart.

If you are an #avgeek like then sometimes you do not care about the destination for your Tier Point run. You are motivated by the cheapest Euro Traveller or Club Europe flight. The scripts below help extract some of the easy information from the page which can be handy when manipulated using excel.

To make the scripts work, you simply need to browse through to the Low Price Finder page, select the tab of the appropriate geographic group and open your browser’s development console to paste the jQuery code below.

As I have more helper scripts and tools that I discover. I will add it to this page.

Get a list of IATA codes in a particular tab
console.log( $(this).attr("data-arrival-city") + ", " );

This gives you an output similar to:

Get a list of IATA pairs with price
console.log( $(this).attr("data-arrival-city") + " from " + $(this).attr("data-departure-airport") + " for " + $(this).find('span.price').text() );

This gives you an output similar to:
ABZ from LHR for £37*
ALC from LGW for £34
AMS from LGW for £37*