Weekend Away: Bergen, Norway

The OH and I needed some tier points to renew our British Airways Executive Club (BAEC) Silver status for the coming year (back in 2016 when the trip actually happened).

After doing some research, we agreed that the £160 return Club Europe/Business Class fare from London Heathrow to Bergen, Norway was a great deal. Plus it was a destination that we have not been to before.

These are the pictures that I managed to capture so have a look. I have some videos of the take-off and landing at both airports which I will post later once I have had the time to process and upload them. The approach into Bergen Flesland (BGO) was spectacular one.

These are the pictures from that weekend away in May 2016.


Angelo Edades

Angelo Edades

Angelo is a DevOps Engineer by day and a World of Warcraft-er by night. Ever since he moved over to the United Kingdom and Australia, he has always been fascinated by all aspects of travel especially aviation and flaps (really!). Angelo films most of his take-offs and landings in planes and takes pictures of food wherever he goes or whatever he is travelling in.